Consulting Services:

While our primary company focus is assisting you with EDI, we realize there are a number of other directly associated services which go hand in hand with an EDI installation. USI is happy to provide custom quotations with regard to the following areas of expertise:

EDI Maintenance:

Companies who are doing EDI already often need outside help in mapping new transactions, bringing on new X12 standards, designing UPC and UCC-128 labels, organizing the EDI department and many other tasks. Ongoing EDI maintenance is a constant job and we are happy to help you. Our capabilities range from using all standard translation processors, label design programs, and bar code scanner technologies. We have direct contact with all the major VAN services and can assist you in troubleshooting EDI problems, including chargeback issues. These can be especially evident in the 832 UPC catalog area. We will work with you to design and maintain a UPC catalog, and have UPC updates automatically sent up to the catalog.

Working from remote locations is an area of specialty, and we have a number of out of State customers who employ us for maintenance and consulting in this fashion.

NT 4.0/Windows 2000 Advanced Server Configuration and Installation:

Bringing up a new server and workstations requires attention and pre planning. We can assist you in hardware and network selection, software configurations for office and internet email accounts, and automated scheduling of maintenance functions on the server. We have a great track record migrating customers to newer software versions and hardware platforms. USI can provide hardware and software to you at discounted pricing, or we can install the server and packages you have selected.

Network Configurations:

USI will help you design and implement your new or add on network, in house or WAN. We have a large supplier base from which you can choose routers, hubs, switches, terminal servers, cabling and everything else you need to make your network install or upgrade a complete success.

Systems Analysis:

USI will be happy to come to your facility and give you a comprehensive overview and recommendation of your existing in house computer and MIS operations. We can recommend, specify, and supply hardware and software to improve your operations and enhance your business. Please contact us with your requirements in in this area and arrange for an appointment.

Remote System Software Maintenance and Management:

Using either Symantec PC Anywhere or Microsoft remote management tools, we can keep your servers and workstations updated with the latest software and configurations. We have out of state customers who rely on us to spot check onsite installations, customize applications and help keep their MIS departments in working order.

Consulting Contracts:

If your company needs ongoing work for more than one month, consider one of our consulting agreements. We have various customizable agreements based on hours or per project that will meet your needs.



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