EDI Software Products:



EZ-EDI is a Microsoft Windows based EDI translator and VAN communications interface. EZ-EDI is custom tailored to your trading partner profile and your order entry, invoicing and shipping software.  EZ-EDI is installed and maintained by our company. Both asynchronous dialup modem and FTP/SMTP file transfer protocols are supported. EZ-EDI communicates with all major VAN services and provides ANSI X.12 or EDIFACT interfacing with the trading partners you deal with. EZ-EDI is designed to work in conjunction with the USI universal flat file interface, specifications of which are provided to your software vendor.

We will either work with your software supplier or customize an interface to your ordering and invoicing system. There are numerous ways to accomplish this.

When researching EDI translation products, be very careful to understand there is no one complete, turnkey, shrink wrapped solution. EDI is simply too complex to allow it. Whichever EDI software you choose, you will always need to customize some portion of it.



ADDUPC is a software product designed to maintain a style and  UPC database, and provides for uploading your UPC Catalog to major UPC Catalog Databases, i.e. QRS or GE's UPC*EXPRESS. Both asynchronous dialup modem and FTP/SMTP file transfer protocols are supported.

ADDUPC is intended for companies who's inventory control software does not have any UPC capability. ADDUPC can work by itself or in conjunction with your software. ADDUPC provides for style, color, size, color code, size code, free form description and numerous other UPC Catalog fields.

Once your software allows importing of UPC codes, you can easily import all the information you have built up in the ADDUPC database.



SOUPC is a software product designed to create UPC tags (labels) from Sales Orders or Invoices. It works in conjunction with the Loftware (tm) family of labeling software products. If you need to have one time UPC tags created from sample Sales Orders or special Invoices, SOUPC can do this.


For more information on all these products, send an email request to usisales@usiedi.com



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