Company Overview:


Our company was founded in 1986, and we have been through many changes and growth since that time. We like to feel we were "there at the beginning", although "the beginning" of the computer revolution started a few years prior to that of course!

Originally we started out as computer brokers of new and used DEC (tm) computer equipment, and grew a customer base of loyal DEC users nationwide. Over the years the DEC brokerage business subsided and we went onto pursue additional avenues of business. Although we still maintain ties in the DEC (now Compaq (tm)) world, our hardware/software platform of choice these days is Intel/Microsoft.

In 1991 the company focus changed to retail EDI. We began installing GE's EDI*PC (tm) products at locations in Los Angeles, and the rest is history.

In 1993 we developed the world's first translation processor for the DEC VAX, a product we still maintain today, although there is little call for new installations. This experience taught us a lot about the internal workings of EDI from a technical and management standpoint, and we slowly began developing relationships with EDI vendors and VANs. EZ-EDI (tm) appeared in 1994 and was our first PC-based EDI family of products.

Also in 1994 we started EDINET, the EDI Service Bureau side of the house. We have developed and enhanced our EDINET services to the point now where customers who do not have time to implement or maintain EDI at their own facility simply come in to the office in the morning and have their coffee. All their EDI transactions are waiting to be checked and automatically entered or extracted into or from their in house computer system. Their UPC product tags and UCC-128 ASN shipment labels are ready to print on demand, and they are happy campers.

In 1996 we began our medical EDI series of programs, which followed the success of the retail side. If you are a doctor's office and wish to inquire more about our capabilities for automating  and servicing 837B Medicare Claims, look here.

Almost all of our solutions contain some custom component to them. There is no one "off the shelf" EDI package which interfaces with all trading partners, all VANS and your internal company financial, inventory and ordering databases.

Our core company policies are - 1) Keep it simple while reliable and, 2) Provide customer satisfaction. All of our EDI applications are designed to be simple in operation and maintenance, within reasonable guidelines. EDI is a world very easily described but very complex in execution. If you are currently doing EDI, you know exactly what this means. If you are new to EDI, you could not find a better company than USI to partner with and take you through the hills and valleys of a new EDI installation.

Our business has been built over 16 years by word of mouth and loyal customers who depend on us to handle their EDI and related MIS/DP issues in any number of capacities. We look forward to adding you to our ever growing base of established clients. You can contact us via email here.

As for this web site, it was made operational on April 12, 2002. It is a continuing work in progress, and we welcome your comments and suggestions for improving it.


All screens and information copyright 2002 Universal Systems Integration and EDINET. All rights reserved.

All logos are the trademarks of the respective manufacturers.

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