EDI Services:

USI has a wide range of EDI services to offer. Our service bureau provides for those who wish to have their EDI capabilities partly or wholly outsourced and provided for by a vendor who specializes in EDI. Our order automation capabilities assist those already doing EDI who need to have information received via EDI automatically input into their factory computer systems. For those of you who have existing EDI systems in house and need ongoing maintenance and support, see our consulting section page.

EDINET Service Bureau Overview:

With our EDINET Service Bureau Services, we take the work out of installing, maintaining and watching over your EDI software, hardware and daily transactions. Many small to medium sized businesses have decided to outsource their EDI entirely or in part. This removes most if not all of the internal company overhead associated with implementing an EDI program, purchasing software and label printers, programming, mapping, wiring everything up, and then maintaining new EDI transaction sets and X12 standards as they are introduced.

In a typical Service Bureau scenario for a retail supplier, the customer provides us his UCC number and we take it from there. We will provide a method of extracting Invoice and other data as required from your computer systems. You email that data to our EDI servers, and we provide VAN and X12 transaction from that point. On the return end, we receive your Purchase Orders, Sales Forecasts and any other EDI documents you receive from your trading partners, and in turn email you printable and importable flat files you can use to import orders into your system or create reports. Along with this information, label batch print files can be email returned to you for UPC tags and UCC-128 shipment labels to be printed at your facility when desired, directly on your label printer.

Automation Capabilities Overview:

In order for EDI information to flow smoothly and error free, it is highly desired to have some form of automating the output of Invoices and the input of Purchase Orders into your existing systems. To have a Purchase Order received via EDI and then printed onto a laser printer, followed by operator keying in of the PO information, is time consuming and subject to all sorts of typing and other errors.

USI will work with your computer software vendor, along with various custom and off the shelf tools as required, to establish a method of automating data input to and from your systems. In this way, EDI information can quickly and efficiently be input and extracted from your systems with a minimum possibility of error.

We even have a character driven operator emulator package designed to use terminal emulation to automatically "type" your purchase order into your system. This package is used in the VAX/VMS environment, and could be tailored to any computer system which uses character driven terminals to input data.

Label Design:

UPC tags and UCC-128 labels, along with sock, inventory labels and others can be easily designed at our facility and emailed or uploaded to your label server. We have a number of pre-approved UCC-128 shipping labels with replaceable fields, for use in systems running the award winning Loftware family of label solutions. To see our list of available labels for purchase, go here:

EDI Interface Development:

USI works with many manufacturers of accounting and manufacturing software to provide a standard, universal interface from which to import and export custom flat files, which can in turn be easily mapped into any EDI translation processor. If your company provides accounting, inventory, warehouse management, or similar software, and you want to have EDI capabilities built in or added on, please contact us regarding how this is accomplished.

Work Flow Scanning and Control Software:

Want to bar code work orders, scan them in, and track flow of work throughout your factory? We have solutions... some custom, some off the shelf, which can be integrated smoothly into your existing factory computer systems.






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